Curricular, co-curricular, community relationship activities, parent teachers meeting, health check-up.


Learning outcome evaluation (CCE)

Weightage (%)

Brief information (if any)

Formative assessment


Formative Assessment is done on the basis of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation in the form of Class Test/Home Assignments /projects

Extra care taken to ensure that students are not burden with excessive home work. Special attention is given to the weak students and if necessary, their parents are called to find out the problems and proper solution is sought thereof.

Summative assessment


80% summative assessment by way of Exam (Two Terms in a year).


Co-curricular and extra-curricular

Name of the Programme /activity

How often

Brief information (if any)

Scouts and Guides


Scouts and Guides are fully involved in their own Activities/Participate in Republic Day/Independence  Day Parades

Trekking and Exposure Trips are Annual Activities.

Annual School Sports


Track and Field Events/Shot Put/Javelin Throw/High Jump/Long Jump/Tug of War/

Smaller Section-Balloon Race/Potato Race/Sack Race/Running Race etc.

Medals and Certificates are awarded too.



All Co-Curricular Activities like Debates/Extempore Speech/ Prepared Speech/Elocution –   are all part of the School Activities’ Week.

Community relationship activities

Name of the Programme /activity

How often

Brief information (if any)

SMC are participatory in all School Developmental work/World Environment Day/Gandhi Jayanti/Cleaning Drive/Programmes are conducted hand -in- hand with Parents/Guardians

Once a year or

as and when the situation demands

The School Managing Committee (SMC) maintain cordial relationship between the Community and School.

Three Parents are nominated members of the SMC and are consulted on all developmental work of the School.

Parent-teachers meeting

Meeting details

How often

Brief information (if any)


Twice a year

(For serious cases,) Parents are regularly asked to meet the Principal or the Subject Teachers concerned.

Meetings are held  separately section wise.  Further, these meetings are held to discuss various emergent issues as and when required.  Parent-Teacher meetings are always congenial and concrete resolutions are taken thereof.

Health check-up

Name of the Programme /activity

How often

Collaborating agency

Medical Health Check-Up

Deworming Programme

Immunization Programme

WIPS Programme/Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness

Twice a year or more

 According to Health Programmes initiated by the Office of the District Medical and Health Office  or the District Administration, West Garo Hills, Tura, Meghalaya.